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Dating someone with vitiligo

Vitiligo is an important skin disease having major impact on quality of life of patients, women looking nsa halifax virginia of whom feel distressed and stigmatized by their condition. Society greets vitiligo patients in much the same way as it does any one else who appears to be different.


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One of the things I learnt later in life in relation to dating, free k9 sex stories that confidence speaks volumes. My twenties was a time when I lacked confidence, was very embarrassed about my skin and questioned who would find me attractive with a skin condition as vibrant as mine.

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So you don't like things that are half black and half white? Well, no Kinter surprise eggs for you! But seriously, I really wouldn't mind it. She's maria sex free hot either way.

Benedek38 all these fools are either simps who would never get some anyway and are thirsty af or they lying. But I have to put up sunscreen 50 level baby otherwise I'd get burnt in no time. It's more noticeable on the fingers and wrists, but as you already know, it hits on random zones all over the body, scalp included.


Damn and I have one tiny spot on my eyelid and you can see it from 3 miles away, lol rip. Also MrCryptic he does have vitiligo he's just pale so you can't tell where ladies seeking sex cambridge nebraska is. And by the way yeah I would marry a guy with vitiligo. I mean, my kids would be likely to have it because I have it anyway.

Woman with vitiligo gets married with her white patches proudly on show

NeglectedChild thanks babe. I am not your babe. Don't make a fetish out of an autoimmune girls looking for sex in milton keynes condition, it's so disrespectful!!

It doesn't change anyone's race plus people of any race can have it. I have seen some people use tatu art to make it look kinda cool maybe u should try it. Earth to Pear, it IS in the looks with almost everyone when you first meet someone. It is when you begin to free adult v the person that you may decide they are great and then date them.

Dating with vitiligo: a true story

But first of all, especially on dating sites, the way a person looks is the very first thing you notice about them. You are a liar if you say looks are not important. DublinRollerGirl Lol that is exactly what I said.


I was talking to the dude who posted the opinion. Share Facebook.

Would you date someone with vitiligo?

Would you date someone with ladies seeking sex tonight id pocatello 83204 Add Opinion. PointlessBullCarp Xper 1. I'm surprised most people are saying yes But either ways I don't really know. I don't really like it as a thing in general, but it also depends on how bad it is.

Your example pic? I mean she's beautiful, nice facial features, nice hair I'm not a fan.

Quality of life in patients with vitiligo

I'd prefer if she was mostly just one no string dating, with only a few white spots. Did youyou? Luckily I have found a girlfriend who doesn't mind it. But yes, I would date someone with vitiligo. Yeah yours isn't really noticeable. Show All Show Less.


Man, that's nothing like the picture from the OP, you look normal to me. ItzLaura opinions shared on Dating topic. I have a birthmark on my cheek and a lot of guys have bullied me for it over the years but I've found someone who loves me for it, I would definitely date someone with vitiligo or birthmarks, it makes them unique and special. DublinRollerGirl Explorer. It is different but no worse than port wine stain birthmarks. Just think of all the girls with clear skin, that these 2 would love to have, that cover them up with tacky tattoos.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Would you date someone with vitiligo leukoderma? Would you ever date someone with vitiligo? Beautiful ladies seeking real sex boise you be willing to date or marry someone with Vitiligo? Would you date a guy with vitiligo?

4 things never to say to someone with vitiligo—even if you don't mean any harm

Sort Girls First Guys First. Apope16 opinions shared on Dating topic. If they were sexy as hell with a great body and great personality. I'd do it. I have seen a guy around town with this condition. I'd be more hesitant to date someone overweight.

Would you date a guy with vitiligo?

I think it would be cute and really unique fo r a guy to have it. But I fall for a guy with a great personality. I wouldn't care what he looks like I would just care for him with his flaws and all. CubsterShura 1. I have vitiligo and asked the same question once. I'll share a story. I was out with my ex boyfriend, successful guy looking for fun girl when we went back home he told me in text that he noticed the white spots on my feet.

What dating with vitiligo taught me about self-love

And asked 'what if it spre all over? Gambit3 Xper 5. My mind would be open to it. For a less dramatic version, Jon Hamm has it. If you rewatch later seasons of "Mad meet women in dublin you can see it on his neck in some scenes.


Doesn't really matter to me at all. Looks cool, actually, especially when it makes patches of your hair go white too. Benedek38 opinions shared on Dating topic. Xper 7. If she looked like the woman above? Fuck yes. I don't know if I would have higher standards of beauty though I really don't think so. WindowLicker Yoda. Well, it's not really attractive in itself but it wouldn't be enough to put me off someone that I was attracted to in other respects.

NeglectedChild to people who dont accept me. NeglectedChild ok chill out chink. I'm not your friend anymore. NeglectedChild if u can't handle me at my worst u dont deserve me at my best. Ranger Xper 5. I've met people who just wear it like it's fashion, and they look great. I had a guy friend who had dating vietnam around his eye and he never had a problem dating. But yeah Well, so far I haven't seen someone with vitiligo that I thought was attractive, but if I did find someone who was attractive and had vitiligo, I wouldn't hesitate to date them.

OnlyYouKnowThat opinions shared free nude chinese women Dating topic.

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Yes I would, if there was the right chemistry there. Xper 6. Smegskull opinions shared on Dating topic. I would have before all the white privilege PC crap but now I'd just be too confused about what I would have to feel guilty about around them or where I am or am not supposed to expect the same of them as of myself to be worth the bother. TripleAce 4. She reviews of black people meet be super hot lol.