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Dating sugar momma

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YOUNG men who have dated sugar mummies have opened up about the controlling life of being paid to go out with an older woman. From feeling used to being treated like a 'pet', these adult wants nsa elk mills maryland the pros and cons of life in the paid-for-dating world - according to one Reddit thread.


POGtastic, who dated a woman twice his age, wrote: "You are a pet, and she will control your behaviour. After all, you are a pet, not her equal. Of being a sugar baby, he added: "It damages relationship dynamics women wants real sex ellendale when you inevitably break up.


However, it's not all negative. POGtastic said that expensive presents and "hot sex" were the main draws of the 'job'.

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He explained: "He gets to live an easy life, but it comes at the cost of his dignity. He doesn't have a say in much, he loses basically every argument by default. LEIFey said of his sugar baby friend: "He got expensive gifts all the time, was always going to fancy restaurants, and she let him drive her luxury Sedan around whenever indian free cam chat wanted.


So why did this perfect relationship end? While male sugar babies seem to be in the minority, some girls are making a killing by dating older blokes. in.


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