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Free kittens in york pa

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Additionally, we try to ensure that all of our cats are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.


If you would like to set-up a meet and greet or are interested in adopting one of these cats, please fill out our free online application. Nadook is a 12 year old cuddle monster. He is a big boy that just has to be near you and be loved women seeking sex tonight cass west virginia. He wants to be close to you and wants to be petted. Nanook is looking for a quiet home where he can be the center of attention. He does well with other cats, but probably not kent metis dating children or dogs.

Remus is an approximately 5 year old front declawed male. We call him our Snuggle Werewolf. His face is long like an Oriental breed cat. He is a neutered male gray tabby domestic shorthair, and we think he is about 5 years old.

He is front declawed and super affectionate. He likes to lie near you but is not much for being picked up.


He will roll over when you let him, but be careful as he likes to nibble a warning. If a person keeps annoying him, dating in north korea will get more upset. Due to this, he should go to a home without children under 5 in a cat savvy home.


He can exist with other cats but really likes his own space, and will grump at them if they get too close. He would rather have human attention.


He can do well milf dating in incline village a dog that gives him space as well. He needs an experienced person as he gets overstimulated. He is not a lap cat but is a love bug!! He is using a large litter box without a lid at this time. He does not care for restraint at all, so nail clipping can be tough.


Poe is a big handsome hunk of fur. He loves to chat with you. Dogs unknown. Smokey is a 1 year old shy guy. He loves to be around and play with other cats, but is still a little weary of people.

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He is very calm just flirting or interested docile, but needs some to find a patient family who is not looking for a love bug. Ellie and her sister Sebastian came into our rescue when they were 4 weeks old. They were adopted together in January when they were 6 months old. Ellie and Sebastian were recently returned to our rescue for no fault of their own.

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Their adoptive family discovered they had cat allergies. Ellie and her sister Sebastian are now 9 months old. Ellie is full of energy, loves attention and is very playful. She gets along with other cats.


Ellie would love to be adopted with her sister since she has been with her since birth. She has an outgoing personality and would do well on her own.

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If you would like to make Ellie part of your family please consider submitting an application. Sebastian and Ellie are sisters who came into our rescue when they were 4 weeks old.


Sebastian and Ellie were recently returned to our rescue for no fault of their own. The sisters are now 9 months old. Sebastian is very sweet and a little shy. Since she is shy, it takers a little longer to earn her trust. Once she does, she will snuggle up and purr. Sebastian would love to be adopted with her sister since she has been with her beautiful couple seeking adult dating austin birth but would do well on her own.

If you would like to make Sebastian part of your family please consider submitting an application. Harper came beautiful women want nsa sterling heights her foster home several weeks ago with a terrible upper respiratory infection and a tail injury. It appeared that a portion of her tail was missing and remaining part was broken and looked like a corkscrew.

Her surgery went well and she now has the cutest little nub of a tail! Harper will have her stitches removed on Monday, April 26th and she will be available for adoption afterwards.


Harper is about 6 to 7 100 free dirty dating old and is extremely sweet. Throughout her ordeal nothing has dampened her spirit! She definitely feels better being able to sit and groom herself properly.

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Her little nub will be adorable as her hair grows back. She is full of personality and is a little love bug. If you would like to make Harper part of your family and give her a forever home, please consider filling out an application. Speckles is a shy girl about 3 years old. She was returned to us when her family got a new puppy who was stressing her out. Speckles is cuddly, but prefers a calm and quiet atmosphere.

She likes to sit in her hammock in the cat tree and watch her surroundings and she makes the cutest chirps. Please be patient while she gets comfortable in her new home. Frosty is a shy guy who prefers a nice quiet home and a comfy bed. He loves to be brushed sex dating in grand ledge petted and will roll over for some tummy rubs.

He also makes excellent air biscuits. He does okay with other cats. Kitty Kitty has been seen in a neighborhood since January adult seeking casual sex calypso north carolina She is microchipped but the information all comes back as old information. We originally thought she was a Manx due to her not having a tail but upon research her tail was amputated in due to an injury and infection. She is a 3 year old spayed female.

She is absolutely precious and outgoing.


Kitty Kitty loves to roll over for attention. She is great with kids and other cats. Please give her a forever home inside with lots of love. RJ is about 2 years old. Casual dating md freeland 21053 is good with cats, kids and dogs.

Toby is an absolute love bug. He just wants attention nonstop and will stand on your feet to get it. He is good with kids and other cats.


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